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What Is A Clear Span Tent?

A “Clear Span Tent” is defined as a type of building, tent or warehouse that consists of vertical support columns around the outer perimeter of the structure with clear spaces between all support columns. A Wide-open Space No Center Poles A Completely Unobstructed Interior A Durable Semi-permanent Structure
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Fabric Tent Structure

The aluminum frame tent is also a fabric tent structure. With saddle roof, modular structure and segmented sailcloth canvas, they are suitable for fast and economic construction of permanent, especially storage premises. These fabric tents are optimal structures, no need building foundations, flat paved ground is ok.
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Create Temporary Space for Exhibitions & Fairs

Our company offers customized, temporary space for large fairs and exhibitions. with our structures and flexible facilities, the event organizer freedom to build a space specific to their client’s needs, create temporary exhibition halls, spanning hundreds of thousands of space in remote locations. Multi Tent keeps creating the perfect setting for more and more exhibitions, fairs and conventions.
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Clearspan Tent For Sports

When it comes to sports and entertainment events, clearspan tent is the industry leader. With various shapes, sizes and accessories, we can provide structures for the venue for the main event, as well as on-site restaurants, merchandise shops and ticket outlets etc, with its stable structure and 100% space available, we offer everything needed for end-to-end event success. No matter the size or scope of the event, we can supply the right tents.

Create Space For Hotels & Resorts

Clean span aluminum tent is a better solution to create space for hotels, resorts and country clubs. Like our semi-permanent structures enable hotel, resort and country to increase dinning hall, ballroom, meeting room and buffet space without construction projects. These climate-controlled enclosures ensure all guests are comfortable, no matter what the weather. And accessories like ceiling liners, flooring, cathedral windows, glass walls and doors can instantly transform a dooryard or empty lawn into an elegant five-star resort experience.
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A wedding tent for your outdoor wedding

A tent can be pitched just about anywhere, like a rocky ocean shore, a romantic garden,  your own backyard, your favorite park or even outside a gorgeous mansion or estate……   Whether you’re going for formal or casual, The tent come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Work with us to figure out what style fits your vision. Here are some tents for your reference, like a beach wedding tent, a clear roof tent, an arcum tent or a mixed party tent, combine with pagoda tent etc, And make sure you choose a tent that works on your surface—pavement, grass, sand and so on.   You may also want to add floor surfaces (to correct uneven ground) and wall panels (to protect against wind or rain).   And you can tell us, Multi Tent Team will help you transform your idea into a charming space.
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Welcome to Multi Tent!

Dear Customer,   Thank you for choosing Multi Tent! When you work with Multi Tent, you will not only receive the premium tent, but also your design & idea will be translate into reality. Our sales team care about every detail you mentioned, integrate the tent shape & size as well as the space & applications, providing perfect solutions and service. Our production team have over decades experience, with the spirit of craftsmanship, dedicated in making premium tents and accessories. Before delivery, every tent will have a trial installation, to make sure that every tent  from us is precise and accurate. Your satisfaction is our base for being a dependable and reliable supplier.   Multi Tent – “Feel the new space!”